Friday, December 30, 2016

God is Faithful

So much news!
      Going into 2017, there are so many things to reflect so many things to look forward to. Here are some memories and things to expect to continue in 2017. Thank you so much for being a part and praying for Cambodia!

New Sound has kicked off and released three new songs all  in Khmer produced by Kellee and myself. We are so excited as we are continuing to produce new Khmer worship music and are training many of our staff.
You can visit our Facebook page Here , and our Youtube channel 

You can listen to our second released song here

New sound is planning on many new things in 2017, which includes local outreaches and training camps for churches and other groups who are in need of training and encouragement. New sound is teaching both 1 on 1, in groups, and through videos on the internet so all groups of people can be influenced and receive training. We will begin street evangelism soon and looking for more open doors in the community to make Christ known, and influence lives through the power of music and God's word. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to trust God for more local staff. 

 On another note, Community light church which we have planted a little over a year ago has grown more and more and we celebrated Christmas with all our village congregations together. 

Here is a traditional Khmer dance called the blessing dance. 

Here we are in our last staff meeting at our Base 2 location. We are here celebrating our transition to the New campus with a line dance. 
The first lunch meal with tables and chairs in the new Campus cafeteria location a bout a week ago. 

This picture is the last group picture at our Base 1 location which was the first place rented all the way back in 2006 
We worshiped God and thanked Him for all of His faithfullness over the years
Here is some of our moving activities with me handing down bed parts from the second floor of the house i used to stay in. 

Our new Campus at night time with power, water, and all of the belongings of the families and single staff and students which are moved in. Seeing people actually living on the campus is an amazing thing, and we are so thankful for how God has provided and through all the generous people who have sacrificed finances for this project. Many new songs and worship anthems will be sung here and many missionaries shall be trained and go out from here!

Last, but not least, there is someone who I would like to introduce you all to. Her name is Rachel. She is my beautiful, caring, God loving, talented (And maaaany other great qualities I could name) friend who has accepted my offer to discover this life with me as a couple. After taking time in prayer, talking with families on both sides, and being approved by our leaders, this relationship is official! 

Rachel works with a ministry called Mother's journey which is an amazing ministry which offers women with quality and loving midwifery care through the process of pregnancy and giving birth. The work these few women do in in their ministry is so amazing and touches many families as they serve, teach, and pray. Please pray for them as well in this season for more staff, as there is a great need for quality midwife care, and for these families which they work with, that they would experience God's love.

Thank you for reading and for your support and please continue to pray for me and all of our staff that we would continue to press on for God's glory, and that many here in Cambodia would turn to the true God!

Have a great new year!

With Heart,


Friday, November 25, 2016

Cambodia's New Sound

Greetings family and friends!
Thank you for being patient for another update! It has been quite a year and there are countless things i could tell you, but here are some pictures which i can condense the life and times of today. 

Above is me and my friend Vichet, who likes to create God inspired raps. He is listening back to his first take. 

This picture also reveals something new as i now am living off the base housing in my own room in a house with two other ywam staff. We found a house and set it up for us to live in! It has been so nice to have my own space which i can rest and prepare teachings, worship sets, and recordings with privacy and quiet. Before i was also in a wooden room, where a lot of termites would come and eat through random things like books, tape rolls, even pillows! No more Termites!!!!
Every day at 4 i get the chance to teach Guitar and Drums for an hour. I have students both from our staff body, but mostly from the battambang community. It is fun to see the students grow and gain confidence in learning this art and see them enjoy the fun which music brings. They are also learning about how to discipline themselves to practice, as i always tell them, i never had a teacher when i was learning guitar, but through lots of practice and hard work i was able to be at the level that i am now. 

Above is a screenshot of a popular youtube video which i made intending for many Cambodians to be able to learn drums online for free in their own language. This current shot has the current count of about a week ago at 24,364 views! It is so amazing to see how God has used this to give me a door into so many lives. You can also see on the sidebar, that there is more than one video that i have produced by filming and editing all by myself. I will get comment after comment of people saying they want to come study with me, but they are too far away. I haven't said anything about the gospel or Jesus in my videos yet, but please pray about how i can use this as a way to make God known to 10s of 1000s of people! 

This picture was taken at our 2016 staff conference where all the staff and students from around YWAM came together and we celebrated together, while also being encouraged by many YWAM elders, and honoring the pioneers of YWAM in Cambodia. Our family continues to grow and more and more doors open for us to multiply ministry. 

Here is a little scene into a special rest day which is an occasion about once every 3-6 months. One saturday afternoon a group of us went out to a nearby water reservoir called Komping Pouy, and we celebrated a friends birthday, while also enjoying the company of friends and riding boats out into the main body of water.  

Lately i have been teaching a loooootttt, more than i ever expected! In the past three months, i have taught in the School of ministry development, School of Missions, School of Biblical Studies, and in this picture above, i am teaching at our weekly community night. All of these times i have been given an opportunity to teach on worship, except in the School of Biblical Studies which i taught the book of 1st Timothy. During this teaching process, God has been teaching me so much and has really shown me that with this new opportunity will come much responsibility and a deeper level of discipleship as i continue to learn how to live out what i teach. 

Our new Campus is about ready to receive us and we are so excited for what God is allowing us to expereience! It has been a lot of sacrificial giving, praying, fasting, sanding doors, sweeping rooms, and countless hours of looking over blue prints and double checking the plans to make sure things will be built correctly and with accuracy. 

Our first phase is nearly complete, and you can watch a video of close up video of the progress of the campus and what our needs are for this first phase of building. 

Thank you so much for praying for Cambodia and we believe that this place will be used for greater things in this nation, and bless the surrounding nations as well!

      One of the biggest announcements to make is the fact that over a month ago, me and another guy Kellee, started a long coming ministry, which we have called "New Sound". 
A condensed version of our vision for New Sound is the reality of Cambodia's worship song options being so limited and not quality, that most Christians rarely have access to edifying Christian music, while the songs of the world which have a message of pain, death, and pride, are more what people hear day in and day out. New Sound sees the need to inspire a New sound in this land and other lands which bring Hope, Faith, and Knowledge of the true God. 

The sound of Cambodia is changing
 from a sound of the lost, being found
 the sound of the broken, being healed
the sound of the fearful, becoming bold
the sound of hopelessness, becoming Joyous praise

We believe God is raising up new songs and song writers all over this land with God's message to bring salvation to all who receive Him. Please pray for us as we continue to pioneer this ministry, that God would lead us and other Cambodian's (first of all join us in our ministry) to use the gift of music as a bridge for preaching the gospel and encouraging the churches in Cambodia. 

~Please also pray for~

-Health and wellness
-The impact of Community Life Church, 
(which i help facilitate worship teams )
-Wisdom as a leader
-Additional monthly support
-Vision from God for New Sound
-Those who hear the gospel through us at ywam to accept Jesus as Lord!
-For the transition to the New Campus

Thank you all so much! And may you all be blessed in this Holiday season so as to be a blessing to others. 

With Heart,


Friday, August 19, 2016




This Blog post is more pictures than anything, And i wish i could tell you all in person of all the times which were also not recorded in picture or video form, but what i can tel you, is that God is doing amazing things in Cambodia and all of Asia. The word of God is bringing transformation to lives in amazing lives and i have been given the opportunity to be a part of that in this time. 

Many pastors and church members to not have the chance to go to bible school or proper seminary, which is why Titus goes out to teach an overview of the bible, as well as teach how to study God's word using the Inductive method. We also serve in the ways that we can and aim to practice what we teach. 

This has been the experience of a lifetime, and i am so blessed to have been able to have the chance to go out to these places teaching God's word in a language i never thought i would know. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! Still four more weeks to go!

Getting ready for a ride to the village (far away)

Teaching about the choice we have to make in choosing one God in our life 
to a group of rubber plantation workers. There was a great time of Q and A with them in our second session and many of them left more aware of what Christians believe and more open to the Gospel, even if they couldn't read. 

Upon singing hymns in a believing tribal man's house,
 the neighbors came and flocked to the house to listen. 
we translated a chorus into the tribal language and sang it the best we could.
We then were able to pray for these men and women who had not yet received Christ. 

Teaching bible overview to pastors and elders of tribal group churches 

Singing "The Lord our God is good" in khmer with actions. 

The first monthly fellowship/prayer meeting initiated by our time teaching with the tribal churches in Andong meas district. 

Teaching in Stung treng to youth on the topic of "destroying pride in your life" 
a lesson i am always continuing to learn. 

On the road to the villiage with my friend Cheng hak. 
The moto seat i was sitting on was propped up by a clay brick. 

Church on sunday in a Jarai tribal villiage. 

On a ferry to the prayer meeting. 

Traditional tribal baskets for gathering herbs and vegetables

First prayer/fellowship meeting 

Much of the forests have been cleared for planting rubber trees, cashew trees, and potatoes. The wood is then cut and sold to many places. 

On the edge of the sekong rivers, which merges into the mekong

Praying for a man who was partially paralyzed and had nerve pain

Teaching a simple worship song for the believers in a village where they can't read. 

Our tribal friends and us at a house church. 

if you look close you can see the cross on the front of their house

Please continue to pray for our team and our listeners as they learn about God's word. 

Pray also that my Khmer language skills would continue to improve as i am not teaching in english. 

Thank you for reading!
 May God continue to lead you in all your ways!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Let the word dwell in you richly

Hello everybody! 
 This past year has been filled to the brim with times of growth, study, tiredness, victory, vision, stress, excitement, and revelation. Through every season however, i know that God stays the same and that He is in control of all things and is so faithful. 

Thank you so much for walking with me and i hope you enjoy these videos which i have made in the past year.

Here is my general update video of current and future ministry news for 2016

This video is one of the few videos that i made to help Cambodians find a way to make a drum set for practice at their house.  

Thank you so much for your prayers and support over the past year as i have been able to study, minister, and bless people in many ways through the strength that God gives, and through the  generous donations from people like you.

Please be praying for:          Guidance on the next two months of outreach (Teaching in Khmer)

                                             Wisdom and patience in making important ministry and life decisions
                                             For the Music and worship ministry we will be pioneering

                                             For renewed passion and vision for this nation 

                          For the youth of Cambodia to turn to Christ instead of the pleasures of the world
                          For God to continue to positively influence the sphere of government in this country

Thank you so much!

   With Heart,      

Saturday, December 26, 2015


The harvest is truly ripe here in Cambodia. 
And as this DTS team walks back from harvesting rice in a local person's field as volunteer work, 
It once again shows that just as they have decided to join in the harvest of rice,
They also are on the harvest for the fruit of the gospel in the nations. 
These DTS students and staff were my roommates and friends and were able to tell of many things God did while they as a totally Cambodian team went out as missionaries in rural Cambodia and Thailand for three months serving, praying, listening, worshiping, handing out bibles, encouraging, and evangelizing. 
After worshiping together we all come together to pray on the last day that the DTS is at the base. Here we commission them and send them out to continue walking according to God's will and His calling for each of their lives! 

 This is the School of Biblical Studies staff and students of YWAM Battambang 2015-16!!!

        We have just finished our first three month term and have two more to go before we complete the course and continue to study and teach the bible with a deeper understanding of how to interpret God's word in its appropriate context.  I am learning so much right now and feel like my brain is being rebuilt with iron pillars of foundational truths. I am realizing also just how much i don't know and how much more i need to learn about God's word.

     One of my main goals in taking this course is to be able to teach on the subject of worship to the local and rural church to up and coming worship leaders of the nation who are figuring out really what worship is all about based on God's word rather than just my own personal experiences.
A few weeks ago we had a baptismal service where 10 of our church members decided to get baptized. It was so encouraging to see them declare their faith and receive prayer for the rest of their lives as a follower of Christ. Many of them are the only believers in their family and are taking a big step of faith, which they see is the only way to true life. 

On the Christmas break, i had the chance to hang out with many people and spend time relaxing and processing many things. This is one such time out at a suspension bridge over a river where me and the rest of the staff from Cafe Eden, which is owned by YWAM, went to swim and eat together on their day off on Christmas day. On going back over the bridge to where we parked our moto bikes, an ice cream man started driving over the bridge and we all bought ice cream from him. He was pretty happy, and so were we. Thus, this is what about 13 people on a small suspension bridge buying ice-cream from a man on a motorcycle looks like. 

Finally, God's generosity never ends as we see the first phase of our new campus almost complete, watch this quick update to see how close we are to moving in. 

Please pray specifically for:

~The time that my dad comes here for three weeks starting Dec 26 =D
~For my studies in the next month while my dad is also here
~ For strength and wisdom as i disciple others and lead by example
~For the new year as many exciting yet interesting changes will be taking place on base. 
~For finances for the rest of SBS

Thank you all so much for your prayers and love from all around the world. I am very encouraged to know that we are all in this serving in our various different ways as the body of Christ all for the glory of God. Let us continue to do so and continue to remember everyday just how humble Christ was to not only come and grow up as He did, but also die on a cross for us. Jesus is the greatest gift! And we can lead others to an opportunity to receive that gift! 

Merry Christmas!

With Heart,